A year later…”Mom I need help, please Mom, help me!”

It has been almost a year and he is back in detox….the number of detox, PHP, & IOP programs he has been in are uncountable at this point.  The number of overdoses, well, I can’t count those anymore either.  The treacherous phone call for help in the middle of the night this week has prompted me to resurrect Roots Recovery Solutions.  My son has been placed in horrific treatment centers by people calling themselves “marketer(s)” and some of them are just plain killers offering drugs to kids so that they can go to detox.  The marketer makes huge money by this client brokering, human trafficking, illegal activity!  Roots Recovery Solutions only places our clients in treatment centers where the owner, me, has personally visited the facility and spoken with the owner.

My son, well, he does not have “good” insurance so it has been a challenge to find him a treatment center that I will trust…in fact, I am still looking.  He is discharging from detox tomorrow and Anthem BC/BS (his Dad is a State of CT employee) is closed on weekends.  Ridiculous that he cannot get benefits verified on the weekends or after 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday!  Seriously, he has overdosed waiting for them.  In fact, he flat lined and was dead for 5 minutes because Anthem BC/BS decided that he did not need any treatment except IOP because he “does not have a life threatening disease like a heart condition”.

Anyway….Updates will be coming.  New posts will be coming.

If you or a loved one needs help, please call my 24 hour help line and I will do whatever I can to find treatment that will give the best possible chance for long-term recovery!  A place with structure, compassion, education about the disease and relapse prevention!


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