Hope – The Definition

Hope…The belief that something is real!

Roots Recovery Solutions has hope that anyone, that everyone (yes EVERYONE) who has the disease of addiction can live drug free!

You see, LONG-TERM RECOVERY is real!  And, so is the disease of addiction!

So what, right.  Roots Recovery Solutions has hope, who cares?

Well, it matters because Roots Recovery Solutions is in the business of helping people, and those are the people that care!

My phone rings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Weekends and Holidays are the busiest…it is when addicts realize how little they have left!  It is when depression is at its strongest it seems!

Some people with the disease of addiction end up with NOTHING…no possessions, no home, no money or job (at least not a legit job), and nobody left to ask for help because their family is bankrupt…financially, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  They have nothing left to give and fight to not let “your” disease of addiction become their obsession to keep you alive that takes everything from them!

Now, there are some people with the disease of addiction that have not lost everything.  They still have money because they are still working…well, they are probably still getting paid and really not doing the job as well as when they were not using.  Maybe being late, taking a lot of “bathroom” breaks, not as productive, just not working up to the standard that THEY set when they were not using.   They have a home to go home to, a family who is suspicious that something is wrong, friends who are wondering why you don’t hang out anymore, food on the table for the family and a decent car!

See, this disease of addiction will not stop until the addict is DEAD!  Overdose, suicide, murdered!  Maybe a car accident while driving high, maybe they froze to death because they passed out and never even felt the cold take their life.

This disease of addiction does NOT discriminate….cunning and baffling…it will take anything and everything from you at a pace that it knows is safe from you getting help to live a life free from drugs!  “IT”!  See, the disease of addiction is real and a symptom of the disease is denial.  IT does something in the brain to convince the addict that he or she is not an addict. IT distorts reality as it kills.

it DISTORTS reality as it kills!

it distorts reality as it KILLS!

it distorts REALITY as it KILLS!


“IT” is a complex disease and IT kills!

“IT” does not discriminate.  PLEASE, do not think that your child has never or will never use some form of substance to get high because you have a nice house, make lots of money, live in a “good” neighborhood in a suburb!

See, in order for me to have HOPE that my son would find long-term recovery….I have to believe that the disease of addiction is real!

Roots Recovery Solutions is the direct result of “IT”!  My inspiration to help people with the disease of addiction is the disease of addiction ITself!  HA!  I am using it against itself, it showed me how it thinks and now I am going to give others HOPE that it does not have to win!

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