Anthem BC/BS killed ALL HOPE! and STOLE weeks of my life!

I am Mom, I am supposed to help him and keep him safe.  That was my mission when he called me and told me that he had to leave Connecticut because he was going to die here.  He could not stop using drugs…his only associations were drug dealers and drug addicts.

My son signed release of information forms for me so that I could speak with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield on his behalf.  If you ever do this, please make sure you scan a copy and keep it on your computer so that you can email it EVERY SINGLE TIME you speak with Anthem BC/BS!  Sometimes, I had to email the release 2 or 3 times during the same phone call!  They are idiots, I am just saying!

So, BCBS would email me the names of the facilities that are in network in Florida.  The selection was not huge but there were several that looked good when I checked them out online!  (More about THAT later!)  I would call them, give them the information for my son…insurance info, name, DOB, SS#!  EVERY SINGLE facility that called BCBS to confirm the insurance was told that he did not have out of CT coverage!!!!!!  EVERY ONE!  I would call and be told yes, he has coverage for that facility.  We would NEVER tell them he was not covered.  I would call back to no avail. The Director of Admissions at one facility that I spoke with called back a second time for me and got the name of the BCBS rep she spoke with AND got a reference number.*

I even had a facility here in Florida tell me “yes, we take the insurance and yes we are in network, but we will not accept anyone who has BCBS because….they will approve treatment but when we bill, they will deny the claim!   ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??????????????????

BCBS took hours, days, and weeks away from my life!  I spent days….and days on the phone with them and never got any help.  So, I filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioners office in Connecticut.  Well, the “investigator” was more of an idiot than the people at BCBS!  The response from BCBS clearly stated that my son was covered in Florida for in network providers and had no coverage for out-of-network providers.  *The response went on to claim there was no such reference numbers that I had provided.

ANTHEM BC/BS are a fraud….they are crooks.

So, I had to fly my son back to Connecticut to get him in-patient treatment, for which he had to be put on State Welfare Insurance in order for the treatment center to take him because BC/BS would not approve my son to receive treatment!!!!!!!!!  That’s right….his father is a State of Connecticut employee, has paid the premiums to BCBS for 27 years, and the citizens of Connecticut had to pay for my son’s drug rehab!

To make matters worse, they refused to pay for Urine Tests while in Florida but turned around an paid a half-way house SEVERAL THOUSAND dollars for Radioisotope therapy….a cancer treatment!  My son does not have cancer and has never seen an oncologist!  Last I heard, the owner of that half-way house was serving several years in Federal Penitentiary for insurance fraud and they company changed names and they are STILL committing fraud!

So, when my son come back to Florida after the State Welfare approved 14 days of in-patient, I had to purchase a second health insurance policy in order for him to get out-patient treatment!

If you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance and have another choice….DUMP BC/BS as fast as you can.  When you need them, you will be screwed.  They deny deny deny and hope that you just die from your illness before you retain an attorney!  Seriously, I really think that is what they are doing and they are getting away with it!

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